Our New Bunnies!

We have been here a month and we have found our most FAVORITE pet Store we have ever visited! It is in Columbus, PetLand. It is like a field trip every time we go! We get to hold all kinds of animals! I knew that if I kept going back eventually I was going to be bringing home a bunny! So, we all agreed and we found the perfect one for us! Then, while the kids were in the van waiting, I was checking out and something came over me 🙂 and I said “Oh… give me another one! He needs a friend! CRAZY! So the kids did not know there were 2 Bunnies in the box until 2 hours later when we arrived at the house and opened the package! Here they are! We are having a hard time with names. We were going to put all our ideas on here and let you all help us but I think we have decided on Honey and Sticky Bun! 

here are the list of our ideas: we are voting after all.


Cup  and Cake

Cookie and Creme

Cracker and Jack

David and Jonathon

Jelly and Beans

Easter and Lily

Salt and Pepper

Tom and Jerry

Peanut and Butter

Chip and Dale

Chocolate and Chip

We are open for more ideas!!! Bring on the suggestions!


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