Our last full day in the Outer Banks! We woke up to some clear skies, slower winds and SUNSHINE!  We spent the morning out at the pool, playing corn hole, swimming, just having a great time outside. After lunch we went over to check out the beach. Still huge waves. We decided to head over to Currituck Lighthouse again and climb to the top! I was extremely nervous but I made it! The kids of course LOVED being up to high! We then thought it would be fun to go crabbin’! I have never done such a thing. All we needed was a net, a string, and a chicken leg! All the kids got a string, dropped their chicken into the water and waited for a bite! Corey and Dave then ran from kid to kid to catch up the crabs in the net! Everyone was having so much fun! Guess what we did next! We took them home, boiled them up and ate them for dinner! Well, we all got one! 🙂 We had homemade pizza along with our crab meat. It was actually pretty good! This was a first for our family! What a memory! We have had such a wonderful week! We are sad to see it come to an end but we are already planning our next trip to the OUTER BANKS! OBX!


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