Currituck Lighthouse

The winds are ferocious this week! Aside from that we really are having a great time This is our 4th day here at the beach. We went to visit the Currituck Lighthouse today. We did not climb due to the wind but are hoping we get another chance before we head back home on Saturday. The kids thought it was awesome! There was a park nearby where we had a picnic and watched some people crabbing. That was so cool. We have never seen this! People just tied a chicken leg onto a string and through it in the water! Then they scooped up their crabs with a net! Maybe we can give it a try! We also visited a small wildlife museum there at the same park. Corey is coming down with a cold, probably being out in the wind. We visited a couple of gift shops too! The kids had a blast picking out their very own item! Everything is fifty percent off!! They all got matching obx t-shirts. Alaynea could not decide so she left without anything. Joel got a pirate ship to display on his dresser. Emma and Faith both picked out little kittens. Logan picked out an obx basketball. Scarlett got some pink crocks 🙂 We had a great day!


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