Jockey’s Ridge State Park, NC

We had a great day today! I wish I had my camera cord! ahhhh!!! We spent the morning in the pool and hot tub! Corey lined all 6 kids up at the end of the pool for a picture. Then he went to the opposite end to take the pic. The kids were all lined up so cute, even Scarlett. Corey had to “fix” someone and ran towards them jumping in the pool soaking them! It was so funny! Poor Scarlett got the most of the blast of water! She was screaming! The kids were laughing. The water is freezing but no one cares! I enjoyed the hot tub and a book this morning! We headed out this afternoon for the sand dunes. They were awesome! The kids were racing down and coming back up! Even Scarlett layed down on her belly and slid all the way down. We did not think she would make it back up, It was hard for Corey and I, but she made it! We ended the trip with some jr. banana splits from Sonic! Tomorrow we head to the beach! We bought some kites today we want to try out!


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